Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Next Year Is Here

My family has a tradition of spending the holidays in the Pocono Mountains with friends from our Brooklyn days. Mariel and Max became friends at playgroup nearly 20 years ago. They're now juniors in college.

A year ago, we didn't make the trip to the house on the lake. I was 3 months post-transplant, and my doctor firmly nixed the idea. "8 people (9) and 2 (3) dogs confined indoors during the winter is a bad idea for you now. You'll go next year."

I always loved when my doctor said things like that because it meant he had faith there was going to be a "next year."

When everyone gets up, we're piling into the van and driving 4-5 hours west to Pennsylvania. We're bringing lobsters and home-made cheesecake. More importantly, we're bringing me.


Jim said...

Yeah for "Me!" So glad you are making the trip with family. Have a wonderful holiday, PJ!

Anonymous said...


I am so happy you are able to go and truly celebrate! You are right, you are the gift and have the gift of life.
Happy 2009,

Ronni Gordon said...

Glad you get to go! Hope you have a great time.