Thursday, February 5, 2009

Take These Broken Wings And Learn To Fly

I'm going out on a limb, taking a leap, turning my back on leukemia, and flying off to who knows where. Before you accuse me of false bravado, wishful thinking or serious delusion, let me explain.

Yesterday I went for bloodwork and saw my doctor at Dana Farber. I was last there in November. My labs were all normal, and we had nothing of a medical nature to discuss. I told him I feel as good or better than I'd felt pre-leukemia. He was very pleased and said I didn't have to return until, get this, September!

No lab tests, no meds, no nothing. I'm leaving the nest. Goodbye.

I've now been in remission for 19 months. I know I'm not considered "cured," but I've decided to go with the premise that I am. I've had enough of leukemia and I hope it's had enough of me.

Before I left Boston, I went over to the hospital where I had my transplant to visit a friend who had a transplant there last week. She looked great, and I know she's getting excellent care. Then I went to the wing where I spent a month back in September 2007 to see if any of the nurses who cared for me were on duty. Mona was there, and was she happy to see me. I told her all the good news, but probably didn't need to say a word. I am the picture of health, not a picture she sees very often. Most of the patients on the floor are quite sick, as I was some 17 months ago. I thanked her for her fine work and asked her to let the other nurses know that I'm doing well.

I'll have to land soon, but right now I'm soaring.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news, PJ. I am so happy for you. I'm sure you will enjoy your new found freedom.

Anonymous said...

Amazing news! Bask in the sunshine!

Ann said...

Here's to hoping your feet never have to touch the ground.

Jim said...

The last week has been wonderful for you. We are happy for you and your family, PJ. Jim