Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tastes Gone Missing

I don't like foods that are too salty. Most packaged food overwhelms me with salt. But suddenly, I can't taste salt at all. When a potato chip doesn't taste salty you know something's wrong.

This is a minor detail in the scheme of things, although it does make much of what I eat taste like nothing. I'm sure the phenomenon is explained by temporary chemo damage to my taste buds, or possibly some drug I'm taking.

Worse than the missing salt chord, however, is that my beloved coffee doesn't taste right. I drink it black with no sugar, because I really love the pure taste of coffee. Now, it tastes like a weak version of the brew no matter how strong I make it. Again, I'll live; it's just disappointing.

Chocolate has not changed, and for this I'm very happy.


Ronni Gordon said...

I've gone through the same thing a couple of times. Anything dry or salty tasted like what I imagine cardboard would taste like. I also lost my taste for coffee, kind of like when I was pregnant. I just recently was able to drink coffee again, although I don't seem to enjoy it as much as before. I think it's the chemo. The missing tastes will return.

Ann said...

I always went from one extreme to another. Like Ronni, I lost my taste for coffee. It always tasted bitter and metallic, which ruined any pleasure to be had. I'm starting to enjoy coffee once again, but not quite as much as I used to. Chocolate either tasted like wax or paste. I still haven't recovered my love for it, which is probably a good thing. The doctor told me it takes at least 23 days for the taste buds to start coming back. That's not so very long.

Daria said...

I so miss my coffee ... I know I am getting better when my taste for coffee comes back.

I agree, chocolate is pretty good throughout ...