Friday, December 18, 2009

Weekly Reader

I'm taking a page from my friend Ann's blog by recapping the past week's events. There weren't any, which is how we like it around here.

After receiving a transfusion last week, most of my annoying but unimportant symptoms slowly disappeared. Night hunger continues to plague me but I just send Marty down to get me a light snack. I walked 2 miles in the blustery cold the other day, cursing myself as I plodded on. But I was so glad I'd done it after the ordeal was over. I'm getting stronger every day. Being cold all the time, indoors and out, is no fun, but I wear huge sweaters and always sit in front of a heater. I haven't been outside since Wednesday and don't plan on going out until the temperature rises above 30. Unless, of course, it snows, in which case I'll at least take a trip to the mailbox.

Marty is picking up Mark today in NYC and they're driving down to the Phillie area for my niece's baby-naming ceremony. That means I will be free to commit numerous transgressions while he's away. In theory, Mariel (who arrived home yesterday) and Harry are my caretakers, but if I can't outsmart a high school and college senior, I've completely lost my touch.

Am I rambling?

I fill my time with knitting many scarves (four down, two in the works), reading an inscrutable novel (2666) and watching Wolf Blitzer in the Situation Room. Yesterday, I sat down and wrestled with the CSS Profile which I have to fill out for Harry. It's a financial aid form that I've filled out many times in the past, but usually sometime in February when I have more tax data. 2009 was a pretty pathetic year for us in more ways than one. Having to record the misery in cold hard numbers almost made me weep. Still, we are luckier than many of our fellow Americans who are losing their homes and health insurance.

Today's agenda includes seeing Marty off, knitting, reading, eating and watching a little tube. Doesn't sound half bad, does it?


Ann said...

I'll be joining you, today in the eating, reading, and knitting. Glad to hear that things are boring and that you're being left to your own devices. Sometimes it's just nice to be unobserved.

George Jempty said...

You reading 2666 in Spanish or English? I've always wanted to read something in a foreign language, possibly Hesse in the original German.

PJ said...

The book is difficult enough in my native tongue. Hesse in German should be okay because his style was spare, and themes straight-forward. Try Hesse before Thomas Mann. :)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are doing so well. Keep up the good work!

NJer from lls

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