Thursday, April 8, 2010

Gardening for Transplantees

Two Narcissi

Mountain Laurel

Flopping Hyacinths

My Serenity Garden

We had to remove a dead weeping birch from our front lawn over the weekend and reseed the area. We've never had much of a lawn because we don't like to use chemicals. Usually when we seed, the birds eat it all up and we have next to nothing to show for our efforts. Since this was a small area (and we were doing a few other barren patches) we decided to get some burlap to protect them from the enemy.

I went to Home Depot on Monday. How could I resist the perennials I did not need to buy and really shouldn't be handling? I couldn't. The result is displayed above in my serenity garden. I made sure to wear a mask and gloves to keep out any lurking fungii in the soil. I wore long sleeves and pants, plus a hat. I roasted. But, it's better to be safe than sorry when you're a transplant patient. I've been on a powerful anti-fungal since being diagnosed with aspergillis of the lungs back in June. Still, one can't be too careful.

I write this from my chair in the serenity garden, bees buzzing around my head. I suppose I should be worried about that hazard but I'm feeling too calm to get in a lather about it.


Ann said...

Your garden looks great. Now, what were you thinking? You have a perfectly good teenager at your disposal.

Ronni Gordon said...

It's REALLY hard to get the teenagers to do anything...but I'm going to ask mine. Your garden does look great. I don't know what I'm going to do. I kneeled down to pull a few things out and then I could hardly get back up again.