Monday, June 7, 2010

Graduation Redux

Happy Family II

We've run out of children, finally. Baby Harry has been launched into the world. Marty's family came from Iowa, Florida and Pennsylvania to celebrate. Mine came from Long Island. We went to a local restaurant for dinner, so-called Tuscan soul food. It was a success no matter its origin. We came home for cake, a concoction called Death by Chocolate which managed to flatten several guests. Better to go by chocolate than illness or disease.

Now we can concentrate on the other exciting events before us. In no particular order, we have a house to sell, a house to buy, Father's Day, Birthday and Anniversary celebrations, a family vacation to Prince Edward Island in Canada, and seeing if hydrocortisone cream can get rid of the rash that's creeping around my face and neck. Next week I'll see my doctor for a check-up and he can decide if it's chronic gvhd or not. I'll be getting my first round of immunizations, too.

We're moving on.

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