Friday, May 27, 2011

Getting the Lead Out

Turbo, me and Asta in Rhode Island after my first transplant

My ferritin levels are down to 720 from a high of 7000! Ferritin is iron that combines with other chemicals and settles into your liver. You get the condition from blood transfusions. Not surprisingly, my liver numbers are better, too.

Fasting blood sugar was within the normal range at 93. Cholesterol is still high, 354. I may be on Lipitor for life. This is a condition due to the transplant and not gvh. I'll take it.

We're off to the country this weekend for some west and welaxation. BBQ by the brook, a little fishing for Billy Bob and Joe Pete. Grass for Turbo, whose birthday it is today.

Happy Birthday Turbo, you 14-year old man!


Ronni Gordon said...

Happy birthday Turbo! Good news on the Ferritin levels. I was taking Exjade and then stopped when other things started going on. I've asked a few times if I should start again and they say not yet. This reminds me I should ask again.

Ann said...

Happy birthday Turbo! Great news on the ferritin levels. I think I'm still somewhere around 2000, but my doctor is still reluctant to do anything. Hope you guys enjoyed the long weekend.