Friday, January 6, 2012

3 Good Things

We returned from our trip to Peru, where we spent many wonderful days with our daughter. On the final day, Harry arrived and we all went out for burritos. Marty and I experienced a little altitude sickness, and climbing 500 steps was no picnic, but we really got a taste of the country.

For someone who's immune compromised, I did very well. My NYC doctor was worried about the problems I might face. She asked if there would be a doctor on the trip (n0) and oxygen tanks available if I got short of breath (no). Marty ended up with food poisoning on our last day. We weren't sure it was food-borne. The last thing I needed was to catch a vile virus. But I was fine and able to take care of him.

Finally, I drove my car up to the country today. I haven't driven long distance since last March.

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