Friday, May 25, 2012

The Country Life is the Best Drug

My medical issues don't disappear in the country, but beauty and restfulness go a long way to mitigate some of them. The Gleevec is kicking in. On a cellular level, it might be working, but from what I'm feeling, its side effects are making me wonder just how long I'll stay on it. That will be for the doctor to decide.

Water retention (a lot--10 lbs.) and mouth sensitivity for the first time since the chemo days are the main complaints. My skin seems no better than it was. I'm wondering if I should be back on an anti-fungal since my immune system is allegedly being compromised further by Gleevec, which the mouth soreness attests to. 

Manhattan has its distractions but most of them cost money. At Green Acres, there's plenty to keep you busy that don't cost a thing. 

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