Monday, April 29, 2013

Shin Splints

With my body finally healing from its digestive problems (all tests normal), I developed a new and annoying issue in my left leg, shin splints. As a former runner, I know all about this malady, which is painful and annoying. To develop it as a broken-down virtual zombie goes beyond irony and, I fear, slips dangerously into hypochondria.

I bought a cane to take pressure off my left leg, and to help my balance, especially as I was attending the Penn Relays in a huge stadium this weekend with lots of concrete stairs. Using a cane has its benefits. We got better seats, lower down and within spitting distance of where the runners entered the track. My leg actually feels a little bit better now.

Today I start another round of Vidaza injections. The true highlight of my day will be a therapeutic massage. It's the only thing that truly makes my skin feel better, and loosens up my tight muscles. That insurance doesn't cover it is another story. 

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