Tuesday, June 4, 2013

PT, Yoga and Massage

Knock on wood, I've been doing really well lately. I've lost weight and have better balance and flexibility than I did a year ago. I credit this to physical therapy and yoga. A massage helps my skin and soothes my muscles. Yesterday, my therapist said my muscles overall seem less tight.

My number one complaint is still skin itchiness. I'm taking medication and have tried every expensive lotion money can buy. I see my dermatologist next week. We'll see what he says.

More exciting news: I can now get my hair into a ponytail with a little bit of help. I'm not that flexible.


Jim said...

Great to hear about your progress, PJ!!! Hugs, Jim

Ronni Gordon said...

It all sounds good except of course the itch. I hope you find something out at the doctor.

I miss my ponytail, but I don't think my hair will ever be that long again because I keep getting it cut.