Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Remarkable State of Being

There was a moment this morning in which I realized I felt normal. I'd had a good night's sleep, no early morning nausea, and a successful breakfast followed by the usual mound of pills.

It didn't hit me right away, though. I didn't recognize what wellness feels like. It feels good. To take advantage of this remarkable state of being, I did a few things around the house, went for a walk with Marty and Turbo, and wrote some emails. I even did some on-line banking.

Maybe I overdid it a bit because now the post-transplant haze is thickening and I'm looking forward to a post-prandial nap. Tomorrow I go to Boston for my weekly clinic visit. I'm hoping my counts are stabilizing and that I won't need any "products."

In the meantime, I'll be monitoring myself for signs of wellness.


Ronni Gordon said...

Sounds wonderful. You will have more and more of those "normal" moments. I like the idea of monitoring oneself for signs of wellness instead of monitoring for signs of catastrophe!

Good luck tomorrow.

Ann said...

Funny how feeling well can creep up on you. Here's to hoping you have many more wellness epiphanies. Good luck at your check up!

Jim said...

VERY COOL, PJ! Love the good news.


Samantha MacRae said...

Keep up the good work pj :) You are such a star!! And don't be too hard on yourself when you feel c**p.

Sam xx

Anonymous said...

Checking your blog everyday. I admire your humor and your strength. Keep the good news coming!


Sue L said...

Just the fact that you keep "plogging" along with humor and grace means you are experiencing times of "wellness".
Think of you often