Saturday, October 24, 2009

The View From Where I Sit

I'm not going to talk about anything medical today, mainly because it bores me so. Rather, I'm going to paint a picture of my backyard. The rain has stopped for now, but the wind is still huffing and puffing, pelting our house with acorns and other debris. The backyard has a lot of fir trees so lacks the brilliant color of the front. But the viewing area in back is far superior to the front rooms. Leather wrap-around sofa facing a bank of French doors: the perfect spot to view wildlife and weather events. The bird action is mesmerizing, and quite compatible with my current interests and abilities.

And if by chance I'm hungry or thirsty, the refrigerator is 20 feet away.


Sarah said...

Greetings from Ithaca PJ. Wish there were words that could help... I'm grateful to read you are still plugging along; what a journey you have had. You remind me I need to purchase more food for my feeders. No wonder there has been minimal activity these past few days. Wishing you all the things that bring you joy. Keep the fridge close!

EGlencross said...

The view from my office is fantastic too...I looked at it for weeks last year and dedided very unrealistically that I was going to paint it David Hockney style...I fantasized... pontificated... .and nothing ..this year it is getting to that glorious point again....time to get out the fantasy paintbrush again...especially now that Hockney is back in NYC with his trees exhibit......
At least you can describe it in words!

Anonymous said...

Stay strong and positive! You will be just fine. :)

Jim said...


I thought about you on the ride to Green Airport yesterday. I almost called you. I know things aren't rosy right now, but so many of us are thinking about you, sending positive vibes as you travel through another round of "suckiness." Jim

Paula said...

PJ, I got your link from 'respectfully sassy' blog and have been following your recent situation.

You have such a flare in the describing arena that I feel as if I'm sitting on that couch enjoying the view!

I'm done looking at the bird antics, and am ready to inspect that refrigerator a mere 20 feet away.

Your writing skills are simply amazing!