Thursday, October 29, 2009

Could It Be Magic?

We made the hejira to Boston yesterday. While I snooze comfortably, poor Marty has to make the weekly drive. Sometimes he gets me back though by playing show tunes, which in general, I can't stand. Guys and Dolls can be a rude awakening.

Not only was I feeling pretty good yesterday, my blood counts were cause for celebration, although they didn't appear to be. WBC =3.2; RBC =3.14; Plat=46; ANC = 2.53. This is about where my counts have been hovering the nearly 3 months post-transplant. I've been producing no new RBC's at all, relying on transfusions to keep me afloat.

I was surprised then when my doctor said maybe my transfusion days were over. My reaction: are you a magician? No, I have 30 years of experience. We had a good laugh over it. Turns out a measure of reticulocytes (who knows from those?) indicates when production is finally ready to begin. I'm there.



I walked out of there not really caring. Although I still find plenty of this transplant business bordering on the paranormal, I'll take good results by any means necessary.


Charlie said...

WOOHOO on the blood news!
BOOHOO on the show tunes!

Ronni Gordon said...

I LOVE show tunes. I guess that's one thing that we don't have in common.

Great news on transfusion-free days, no matter how they explain it.

Ann said...

I shudder at the thought of being trapped in a car listening to show tunes. A friend once bought me tickets to Phantom for my b-day, because she knew it was the only way that I'd go. She spent the entirety of the show whispering the words to every song and piece of dialogue. For me it was double torture.

Great news on an end to transfusions. I know you're excited.

Sue L said...

YAY!!!!!!! BTW, you KNOW I love show tunes....

Sue said...

So glad you are making progress. I had to google hejira, although the sentence kind of gave meaning to the word.

Anonymous said...

These are GREAT results and even the hope you are on the right track with the transfusion is so hopeful . You are making such progress and keep on plugging away.

I thnk the less time you are clocking in at the hospital the further you are away from potential sick people especially this time of year.

What a boost. Great work- slowly but surely.

Anonymous said...

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