Saturday, December 18, 2010

Echocardiogram Results

The results are in: I do not have conjestive heart failure. But I do have two abnormalities that I need to discuss with a cardiologist. I asked my internist two questions: Are these issues related to transplant. Answer: Yes. Do I have to restrict my activities? Answer: No. I have an appointment on Monday.

Skin eruptions, muscle weakness and tightness, edema, liver problems, no thyroid function, dry eyes, sky-high cholesterol, cognitive issues, anxiety, depression. This is what I live with post-treatment for leukemia. 8 rounds of chemo plus transplant prep that included total body irradiation. There's no telling what might pop up next.

What's a 100-year old woman to do? Embrace the blues, as in the music. I've been listening to a lot of jazz lately and find it soothing.

A week in Paris could ease the pain of it.
All I care is to smile in spite of it.
--From Lush Life by Billy Strayhorn
I wonder if I could appreciate Paris in my current condition. A crunchy baguette and sumptuous pastry just might do the trick.


Ronni Gordon said...

OK, let's go to Paris. I bet that would cheer us up.

Ann said...

Right there with you and Ronni. A week in Paris would be lovely. The physical issues resolve. HRT helped considerably with my cognitive issues and the edema will resolve. I was warned of heart damage going into both transplants. My doctors keep a close eye on it. I think the cardiologist will do a better job of interpreting the results of your tests and give you a clearer understanding of the test results. Hopefully, an endocrinologist can get your thyroid straightened out. Mine started MD on synthetic and I felt better within the week. Our lives are all about spinning plates and balancing balls. I'm here for you.

Ann said...

That bit after the endo comment should read: mine started me on synthroid...

Anonymous said...

Cognitive issues? That's the one thing that doesn't show for sure. I can't believe you're going through all this. But I do think you're right about changing your doctor. It's not just a lack of tact, he sounds downright incompetent. Or a beginner, but surely you wouldn't be seeing a beginner? Did he treat you any better this time?
Do see a cardiologist, as Ann said.
Keeping all fingers and toes crossed for you on all issues! Brenda