Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Busy Day at the Lab, Bank and Broker

Right now I'm drinking milk and eating mint Girl Scout cookies. Photopheresis went well, my 19th treatment. I did the usual: napped, phoned, read, snacked, napped some more. My eyes seem to be improving a little. They never bother me when I'm unconscious.

I went to the bank to get checks for the new apartment on East 80th Street. It's walking distance to the hospital, spitting distance to many stores and restaurants. Then I walked a few more blocks to see my broker and seal the deal. I've still got the prednisone energy, which I'll use to pack. It should be any easy move since we can take breakables up in advance. I'm hiring a mover this time. Let them do the heavy lifting. I've had it.

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