Monday, March 28, 2011

Boring is Good

I quote my sister-in-law here. I saw my doctor today and everything is either status quo or better. May it stay that way.

My blood counts are good: 6.5 wbc; 11.3 hct; 117 platelets. My iron level is stuck at about 2000, down from 8000 but it needs to get closer to 300. My cholesterol is still up there, as are my liver numbers, so I'm temporarily stopping the Lipitor. The blood pressure drug is doing its job--I now have normal to low bp.

But it goes up when I have to deal with things like this. One of my very special eye drops prescriptions which are supposed to last 30 days and cost $128 has run out after just 4 days. If you have money to invest, buy these drops instead of gold, because you will make a fortune.

I saved the best news for last. I'm decreasing the prednisone by 5 mg per day.


Ronni Gordon said...

I hope by now you have gotten an eyedrop refill for free. Seems like something must be wrong for them to have lasted only 4 days. Hurray for decreasing prednisone!

Ann said...

Are the serum drops helping? I agree with Ronni, hurray for less prednisone!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear everything goes well. My iron level stays at 1200 but my transplant doctor said no treatment. I am wondering if it will do any harm to my liver.

PS I work full time at midtown NYC--we might bump to each other some day.

NJer from LLS board