Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fathers Day

Mark, Turbo, Harry, Dad, Mariel

I finally figured out how to use my new digital camera, which Marty gave me on Fathers Day for Mothers Day. You'll be seeing a lot more photos on this blog. There is great merit to the aphorism "every picture tells a story," even if Rod Stewart agrees.

We went out for brunch, I made a dinner with some of Marty's favorites, including an adaptation of his beloved Kahlua Pie. The original recipe calls for a melted bag of marshmallows (minus plastic bag) for which I substituted ice cream and whipped cream. All was well until I had to put the pie in the freezer. My freezer, a side by side model, isn't wide enough for the pie plate. I put it in the refrigerator for hours in hope that it would solidify enough for me to tilt it. No such luck.

Marty had the idea of cutting the pie into slices and freezing it in two small pans. So much for surprises. The moral is, according to my learned children, check the width of your freezer before putting something in it. This is especially true in a Manhattan apartment

Surprise news: Mariel got a job in Peru for a year as a tourism director for people who want to volunteer in Peru. She'll be living in tourist housing and get full board, airfare and maybe not much else, but she is psyched! She plans to apply to graduate school for the following year. I'm already missing her on Thanksgiving.

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Hi Patricia,

That's one good-looking family you have there!