Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Another Day, Another Symptom

In an effort to cross-train, I dusted of my bike and went for a ride. As I was churning up a big hill, heart bursting, I decided to take a granny break. Never heard of granny breaks? Years ago, we went on a 26-mile bike trip in Vermont, and that's what they called it when you got off your bike for a breather. I decided to take one, couldn't lift my leg over the bar and crash-landed on the gravel/grass shoulder, doing one of my notorious rollovers where I live to tell the story.

A scraped palm and some gravel pitted in my knee were all I had to show for my tumble. I wish I could say it was a freak accident, but the truth is, I'm weak and clumsy. The remainder of the ride I managed to do upright and in control.

I must have done some internal damage though, because a day or two later, my side ached and I couldn't take a deep breath. Certain movements were extremely painful, and deep breaths, coughing, sneezing and laughing were out. It's improved significantly; I'll be more cautious in the future.

I'm a normal person with everyday physical complaints. I have kidney stones and I wrenched a muscle in my back. There's nothing like pain to get your mind off dry eyes, leprotic skin, muscle weakness, tendon tightness and mysterious liver issues.

I'm pretty lucky. You're lucky, too, because I was going to bore you about plate tectonics in wake of yesterday's "East Coast" earthquake. In relation to personal quakes past, this was underwhelming.


Sue said...

Did you break or crack one of your ribs? Those symptoms sound very familiar to Jim's experience last summer.

Ronni Gordon said...

Geez Louise.

Here we are being similar again. I thought I was the queen of "interesting falls."

Hope you're feeling better.

Ann said...

There are few things worse than painful breathing. I hope you're breathing more easily and that the pain is gone.