Sunday, August 28, 2011

Surviving Irene

The Big Blow arrived and it was more like an asthmatic wheeze. Our only disaster was a candle that overflowed the ceramic pottery in which it was contained. I lit it last night in case the power went out, so that I wouldn't be crashing around the apartment searching for my other hurricane items, basically candles since all our flashlights are safely tucked away in Jeffersonville and there wasn't a flashlight to be had in my neighborhood for love or money.

Yes, there was wind and rain, but no more serious than an ocean storm, of which I have experienced at least 50 or so. I am an East Coast Girl. Speaking of which, how many places get to experience an earthquake and hurricane in one week? Both were pretty lightweight by anyone's standards, but still. We're due for a volcano but I don't think we'll squeeze that in by Tuesday. Volcanoes are a long time in the making.

One way I spent my time was writing emails to people asking them to support my run for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I made $450 today! I'm 95% to my goal.

Virtually nothing is open today, including the subways. Commerce in Manhattan is dead. I took a walk and was amazed that the only stores in business were small grocery stores and newspaper stands. You cannot find milk, bread or water. Speaking of water, I forgot to fill my bathtub with flush water. I did, however, fill it with gin. I'm a poor survivalist.

Actually, I'm quite good at surviving. Marty voluntarily left me here alone (save for Turbo), and drove upstate with Harry yesterday. He kept saying he felt bad leaving me alone during such unpredictable times, but knew I'd call someone if I had an emergency I couldn't handle. I don't know how good I am at emergencies, but I'm extremely adept with handling whatever is blown my way.

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Sue said...

Hi Patricia,

You should feel fortunate to be in NYC. At one time over 314,000 homes and places were without power in RI. They are now possibly saying the power to our neighborhood will be restored by Sept 5th. We lost it at 6:30 am on August 28th right after I had made coffee. East Greenwich really got hit hard with downed trees and power lines and most people are still without power.