Friday, December 9, 2011

Graduated with Honors

After 4 days at the Boston Foundation for Sight, I have graduated. I haven't felt successful in a long time so I'm basking in the glow of accomplishment.

The Foundation is an amazing place. It's no wonder my insurance company covered me there and not somewhere else. This is where the PROSE device was invented. They make the lenses on-site, so you get them within hours of your fitting. If you need a different lens, no problem. They made about 15 different ones for me, not giving up until they felt the comfort and corrected vision were perfect.

You have to be trained to remove, insert and care for these pricey babies, which are made of hard plastic and shaped like stemless margarita glasses. I got the hang of it pretty quickly and so was dismissed after Day 4. They want to profile me in their next newsletter, so they took photos and will interview me via email to get my story. There's always a story.

The margarita simile made me want to have one. No, not a simile. My friend Sue and former library colleague drove up from Rhode Island and we went to a Mexican restaurant. I had a chance to show off my Spanish to the waiter. The food was delicious--I had chicken in mole sauce, something I will never cook--and the margaritas were on special. Catching up with Sue on library gossip was fun, too.

Today, I pack up and take a train to New Hampshire to visit Patty and Jeff. I look forward to a nice quiet weekend among friends.

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Ann said...

Great news about the lenses!