Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 2 in Boston

Yesterday, I arrived at the Boston Foundation for Sight and had my first consultation. After much measuring of my vision, the doctor inserted the PROSE lenses for the first fitting. They were not my prescription--that would take a day to make--but they had me wear them for 3 hours to assess the comfort level.

The right lens fit perfectly; the left irritated my eye. They inserted another lens in my left eye and that was better. I wore them for another hour, was evaluated by the doctor, and told to return tomorrow morning at 9.

I waited and waited for the hotel shuttle. I called and told them I was still waiting. Finally, an hour and a half later, the bus showed up. I was angry, but when I got back to the hotel, the receptionist apologized profusely and said she took $20 off my rate for the night. I used the money to pay for dinner at the Asian restaurant connected to the hotel. I was too exhausted to go any further. The food was surprisingly good.

This morning I had my first training session on insertion and removal of my new prescription lenses. It is not easy. So far I've been wearing them for an hour and I can see better than I've seen in years. The left lens is somewhat irritating. Once the doctor examines me, an adjustment can be made and I'll have the new lens tomorrow.

The computer gives me no vision problems; to read a book, however, I have to wear reading glasses. I'm not complaining. I've been wearing them for years.

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Ronni Gordon said...

Glad you're making progress. Sorry I'm missing you in Boston. I was actually there almost all of last week but am home now. Looking forward to your next update. Are these like contact lenses or are they something trickier?