Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nora Ephron Dies of AML-Related Causes

Every time someone famous dies of leukemia, it always takes me by the throat. I didn't read Ephron so much as know her name and the movies she directed. I didn't read I Feel Bad About My Neck, but I asked my dermatologist yesterday why my upper chest was so saggy baggy. He looked and me and said something about water retention. Sigh.

One unsightly body issue I've tried to assiduously avoid since I was 30 are saggy upper arms. Now it doesn't matter because my arms are huge and filled with fluid. Sigh.

 It's not that I feel worse about famous people dying of AML. It just reminds me of people I know who died and how I was in line to be another victim.

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Ronni Gordon said...

We both wrote about the same thing. As if we wouldn't have the same reaction. I read more in the NYTimes and it said her main problem was Myleodysplasic syndrome (sp?) and that when it developed into AML she was not a candidate for a transplant, presumably because she never went into remission. We are very lucky.