Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Keep Calm and Carry On

Looks like I'm going to have a nipplectomy. Well, not the whole nipple, but almost half. When I went to my oncologist today for my monthly check-up, he wanted to see the bump right away. "It has to come off."

He never mentioned the phrase leukemia cutis, I did. I'd had a patch of it three years ago on my back. Never mind that the physical aspects of it were so different from the lesion on my nipple. My doctor thinks it's cgvh but we have to be sure. I'm seeing a dermatological surgeon tomorrow anyway for a consultation on the melanoma on my ankle. Nothing like killing two birds with one stone.

My blood counts are good. I feel good most of the time. Except for pesky reminders of the radiation therapy I had (cataracts and melanomas), I accept my condition as it is now. I deal with it.

"Have you ever had a spinal tap?" asked my doctor. "No," I said. "If it is leukemia cutis, we'll want to infuse you with chemo medication through the spine." Ouch.

I may not know what the bump is for a week or so. I don't think it's coming off tomorrow. In the meantime, I'll keep a stiff upper lip and carry on. 

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