Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Radiation and Vidaza

The war against leukemia will be fought with radiation and Vidaza shots. Minute measurements were made on my breast, along with four permanent tattoos. I'm scheduled for the first of 12 doses on August 27.

The injectible drug I'll get is called Vidaza, most commonly used for oddly shaped red blood cells. I'll ask my doctor for its link to leukemia protection. I'll have to go to the clinic for the shots because they have to be mixed. I was hoping Marty could do it, because he's mixed and injected me before.

I'm going to my 40th high school reunion Friday on Long Island. My skin is so ugly, I'm planning to wear long sleeves and pants. I certainly don't want to explain my health history to anyone. Graft versus host disease takes a long to to explain. Plus, I'd rather talk about my experiences, my children and my dogs.


Jim said...

Good luck with the treatment, PJ, and so glad the marrow is clean.

Sue said...

Have a great time at your reunion. I went to mine in July and it was great to reconnect with high school friends. The difference between the 30th and 40th is that people actually had to look at the name tags this time around. Everyone will be so happy to see you! Enjoy!

Ronni Gordon said...

I felt the same way approaching my 40th reunion. I actually didn't much want to go. But when I got there it was great to see people, and although the "L" word did come up, there were plenty of other things to talk about.