Saturday, May 18, 2013

There Is Hope

I'm guilty as charged when it comes to laundry-listing my trials and tribulations post-transplant. I still have plenty to complain about, but what I'm about to show you is that there is fun, too.

On Monday, I set out for Rhode Island to visit my friends there. I hate to drive, but drive I did, all by myself. My support staff, Marty and Buck, stayed home. I stayed with Patty and Reinhardt Sidor in East Greenwich. He's a Master gardener, and plants every inch of his property with trees and shrubs and perennials. He gave me cuttings to bring home. Patty and Reinhardt love to cook, so I was well-fed in my time there.

Tuesday, I met Jamie Blair for lunch at a a harborside restaurant where I had wonderful lobster bisque. Wednesday night, Claudia Smith took me to Matunick on the ocean, where we shared raw oysters and other fish delights. I met Marcia Gold for lunch Thursday in North Smithfield, and then went to stay at Sue Schweikart's house back in EG.

In between the visiting and eating, I shopped. I'm really not supposed to spend money, but all my purchases were necessary, except for the shoes, which were on sale. I decided to splurge on make-up to disguise my gvh blotches and carvings on my face. I had a makeover and it looked really great. I can almost recreate the effect myself, which is a miracle.

After stopping at Allie's Donuts to buy the best crullers in the world, I headed for Jeffersonville. I had to stop at UPS where a script for Ambien had been sitting for a week. Out in the sticks, UPS is only open Monday-Friday from 4 to 6. They tried delivering it, but my doctor had put my P.O. Box on it so they couldn't. I managed to ration the pills I had. Last night's sleep, in my own bed, with a full dose of the drug was heavenly.

So chin up. There are bad days and good days. Sometimes, lots of good days in a row.


Ronni Gordon said...

Fun is good! So are shoes!

Sue said...

Jim and I enjoyed your visit and so happy to hear you found your contact! You are welcome to stay any time.