Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Creams, Insurance, and Snow

It's been snowing since Monday. Fortunately I haven't had any appointments because I cancelled Light Therapy today. Marty took photos of my scary legs on Sunday and I emailed them to my dermatologist in NYC. Our first house had been previously owned by a dermatologist who'd left some of his textbooks behind. They were nauseatingly graphic shots of bad skin conditions. I could be in a book. At least my legs could.

Dr. L said I should stop Light Therapy for now and he'd call in a prescription for yet another cream. After digging out of a snow ditch, Mariel and I drove to the drug store on the way to get new tires put on the car. I didn't even check what was put in my bag.

When I opened the bag at home I sighed. I already have this cream and it didn't work. The drug store has a no-return policy on prescription meds but I thought I'd call. The pharmacist said in this case she'd accept it and return my co-pay. Hooray! I had no room for it anyway in my useless cream bin.

Since I now had the afternoon free, I thought I'd tackle some medical bills. This kind of thinking and doing usually end in despair. After calling a number and getting no answer, I called another one and was transferred to someone else and to someone else and to some ... when I was connected to the right person. Not only was she funny and spoke perfect English, she solved my problems!  I owe the center nothing, saving me several thousand dollars.

I may not have a conventional job, but I've saved a lot of moulah over the years. Persistence pays!

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Ronni Gordon said...

You should see my drawer full of lotions and potions. I can't even remember what most of them are supposed to do.