Thursday, December 12, 2013

Shot In the Belly

I used to be a copywriter so I hope you're amused by my headlines.

Fortunately, it was only a Vidaza injection in a new locale. My arms have been rejecting the injection lately due to rigidity. Yesterday, it took two tries for it to enter my body (ouch) and the nurse said she'd experienced this only once before. When I walked in today, she asked me if perhaps my belly would be soft enough to admit a needle.

I've had injections in my arms and thighs. I've had iv's in my extremeties. I've had catheters in my chest
and tubes down my throat. For some reason, getting shot in the belly made me nervous, somewhat protective. I thought of it as a particularly tender spot, although I always "man up" when having a procedure.

It didn't hurt a bit, beyond the initial prick. I picture my softly rounded belly covered with needles, like a reverse porcupine. You better watch out.


Ann said...

The idea of shots in the belly always bothered me, too. Then I had my first one and realized I liked it better tun a shot in the arm. Glad yours wasn't too horrible.

Ronni Gordon said...

It certainly was an attention-grabbing headline. Glad it didn't hurt. I've had a lot of shots in the belly and it really didn't hurt as much as it did in the arm or things. The things that make us grateful!