Sunday, February 16, 2014

Half a Purple Mustache

My blogging friend in Massachusetts, who's also knee-deep in snow, knows how challenging lots of snow with veneers of ice can be for the unsteady. It's so easy to go down, and for me so hard to get up.

Thursday I went early to get my chemo injection and then across the street for a tooth extraction. The snow was just starting to build up and get slippery. All went well (only one nurse at the Infusion Center and the dentist and his assistant came to work) and I made it home safely. My gum didn't hurt much but the next day I saw a faint reddish spot near my lip. On no, gvh on my face, I worried.

Overnight it had snowed 12 inches. Time to shovel snow. I managed to make a path to the street but there was a snow bank 3 feet high. I had a brilliant idea. I needed to get my car out anyway so I began to wade through the snow. That's when I fell over. No damage to me but I quickly realized I couldn't get  up. With a combination of flailing and scootching on my rear, I made it to the door where I was able to reach the handle and crawl inside. A chair was my salvation as I was able to use it to get up. I guess I was going to miss my final injection.Throughout the day, it snowed another 6 inches, but Marty came around 7:30 pm to save the me. The next morning he dug out everything in a very short time. What a hunk! And no heart attack!

The gvh near my lip, which resembled half a grape mustache, was I realized, from the dental work. I have a very small mouth and that's where the assistant kept the suction device, also using it to pry it open a little more. I bruise easily, what can I say?

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Ronni Gordon said...

Oy. Such a story! Glad it wasn't GVHD.