Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Plog Unplugged

On August 26, The Plog celebrated its first birthday. A lot has happened in the past year, on so many levels. Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts, feelings and occasional insights with you, my faithful readers. Writing my story has been therapeutic; your feedback in the form of posted comments, emails, phone calls or fireside/poolside chats has had a tremendous impact on the healing process. Medical professionals cured me on a cellular level. You’ve nursed me through the emotional peaks and troughs.

Next week, I have my one-year post-transplant check-up. After they drain me of what will seem like half my blood, a few vials of bone marrow will be extracted and analyzed. In mid-September, we should know the results of US vs. Australia in the 2008 Chimerism Cup Classic. I’ll also be receiving my first round of immunizations for various childhood diseases. All those years spent patiently and prudently acquiring immunity to nasty illnesses was rendered pointless by the pre-transplant chemo.

The Plog will not so much be unplugged as suspended in time. It was my year of living dangerously, and I prefer to keep those memories stashed in this virtual urn. I might check in from time to time to post medical updates or pithy comments. Frankly, I hope I don’t have to.

Lest you mist up at the idea that you’ll no longer be able to peer into my daily thoughts, activities, unsolicited opinions and pronouncements, despair not. I am pleased to inform you that I will be rolling out (tah-dah!) a new blog, possibly as early as next week. The bombast will not end, I promise you.

As soon as I write my first post, I’ll invite you to join me on my new chunk of cyberspace where I plan to blather about diverse topics including but not limited to books, running, language, parenting, food, current events, poetry, bouviers, and whatever’s stuck in my craw at any given moment. I hope to include links to some of my published work, if I can figure how to do the dang thing.

Stay tuned …


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the "new you"
You and Andrew Sullivan are my daily blogs...

Jennifer said...


You are one of my daily blogs - I ask that you invite me to your new blog, I would miss the inspiration, laughs and every day occurences - not cancer related - but life in general.

Wish I could write like you.

Thanks PJ

Judy said...

I look forward to your new blog as well. But thanks to this one I feel like I have gotten to know you in a way I never expected. Your thoughts on your struggles and your victories, the pictures and stories of you and your family have helped me to catch up with my long lost room mate in her adult life and all it's aspects. I particularly liked your last March entry with the picture of you in your "unedited" sweater. Not only was I impressed with your knitting effort, I was impressed with how beautiful you look. Really!


Ronni Gordon said...

But PJ, I'm just getting the hang of this blog thing and am so enjoying your blog. You're my inspiration! I wish you would continue, but I look forward to your new blog. In the meantime, happy almost- one-year anniversary and enjoy your presents (your shots)! I'll keep checking in and hope to stay in touch.

Jim said...


The fact that are you are discontinuing The Plog is a good thing. You probably believe you've said all you need to say about blood cancer, but have other things to say now on your new blog. Loop us in so we can follow the next phase of your wonderful life.


Dori said...


First thought: Well, drat.
Second thought: Good! This is what we all want ... to get to that place where all things cancer become tucked away.

Best ... Dori