Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Victory Day (What's That?)

Yesterday we celebrated Victory Day. Rhode Island is the only state that has this official holiday marking Japan's surrender to the Allies and the end of World War II. It's a perfect day for back-to-school shopping, especially when it rains, as it did yesterday. I think Rhode Island deserves extra credit for not only commemorating a martial victory but for pumping $ into the economy, perhaps an additional electoral vote.

After dropping off the boys to catch the bus to running camp, Marty & I went for an ultra-high calorie breakfast at a local diner. Besides eggs and sausage, I had johnnycakes, a Rhode Island pancake specialty made from corn meal and served with maple syrup. And I wonder why I'm gaining weight! It's the fat, stupid.

Later in the day during a break in the rain, we redeemed ourselves by going on an 11-mile bike ride.

My friend Karen called to say she and her 17-year old daughter will be arriving today for an overnight visit. Karen was one of my caregivers post transplant. That's the link to her Team in Training fundraising website you see below my picture at top right. I can't wait to hear how the training is going for her upcoming century ride. Go Karen!

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