Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Dedicate This Race

Today's the big race I've been training for.

I began training a year ago in a bed in a Boston Hospital, connected by a jumble of snaking tubes to an I.V. pole, racing nowhere. I was lamenting how I was missing the race I'd done the year before, the one 6 months after my leukemia diagnosis. Mind racing with possibilities, I vowed to run the annual 5k next year.

Next year is here.

I dedicate this race (I should say slightly-faster-than-normal jog, because the only part of me likely to be racing is my heart) to everyone in Leukemia world: those currently undergoing or recovering from treatment, and their caretakers; the medical professionals who provide the weapons with which to fight; the walking and slightly wounded survivors.

Running through the streets of Providence today, I'll be thinking especially about those of you in the hospital counting the days since transplant and waiting for your moment in the sun.


Anonymous said...

Run, Jog, Crawl, Walk- you are doing it PJ! That is so impressive and inspiring.
Lea Morrison

Anonymous said...

PJ, you have been such an inspiration to me throughout my own BMT and have kept me going when the going gets tough!

This gal accross the pond in Scotland is cheering you on.


Ronni Gordon said...

Beautiful dedication!
I hope it went well. Congratulations on being back out there again.

nicole_rc said...

Awesome PJ. You are such an inspiration. People like you, remind me that my Mom can beat this! nicole