Monday, September 15, 2008

Really Slow Dancing

That's me and my husband dancing at the wedding we went to on Saturday. I wish I had a picture of me asleep in the chair about an hour later. The event was held in a mansion, so there was no dearth of comfy wing chairs to curl up in.

This is what I learned: you can dress up, apply make-up, make your hair poufy and even paint your fingernails, but as Cinderella discovered, time always catches up with you. I performed admirably for the first few hours, and then suddenly felt all the life in me slip away. You know how your lap top goes black while you're in mid-sentence, or a cellphone conversation is suddenly one-way? That was me, completely inert, my battery charger unavailable. This isn't surprising based on what I've been through, but it's still depressing to face your limitations.

We have another wedding next month. It's an afternoon affair, so I should do better. I've always been a morning person. That's more true than ever.


Samantha MacRae said...

Lovely photo pj. You look great.

Anonymous said...

Well you LOOK GREAT and I am jealous of your hair:)!

I too am a morning person and if I have "night" (meaning after 6PM) plans- I nap during the day:)!

Ronni Gordon said...

You both look great! Congratulations on getting dressed up and getting out. Next time you'll last longer. Don't be hard on yourself. Those comfy chairs are there for a reason!

Anonymous said...

Wow you look AWESOME...and that handsome guy by your side looks pretty good to...I hope they drank a toast to you both

Jim said...

Happy birthday and you look great, PJ!