Saturday, November 7, 2009

How to Shape a Day

Now that I have some blood flow and am no longer stupified on ativan and NCIS reruns, I find find myself with vast quantities of time begging to be filled. Many of the things I'd like to do are forbidden to me. I actually like to rake leaves, for instance.

Here's how I busied myself today. I was the first up so I made the coffee, something I haven't done in over 3 months. I have not lost my touch. I poured myself a cup and sat down with my laptop, thinking about fried eggs. After breakfast, I switched my spring/summer clothes for fall/winter, which is a good work-out. I barely wore any of the spring/summer items since the leukemia returned in April, wearing mostly hospital gowns or loungewear since then. That's what I get for not dilly-dallying with the switchover in Spring. I could have saved myself today's task, but really, I was happy to have something to do.

As soon as Marty went out to do a little fall clean-up, I donned mask and gloves and removed 2 screens from my kitchen window (from the inside) and proceeded to vacuum them as well as wash the insides of the windows. These screens can stay in all year, but they cut down on light and visibility and who needs that in the months ahead?

I read a little Headlong by Michael Frayn and wrote some emails and this post. It's so much easier to think straight when you're not feeling green. Oh, and I skipped my afternoon nap for the second day in a row. Lest you think I'm getting too cocky, I do feel tired. But that's what tea and crumpets are for, and that's going to be the very next thing I'll make.


Ronni Gordon said...

Sounds like a nice day. Glad you are feeling yourself again. I think it's amazing how the day fills up without the interference of work!

Anonymous said...

This sounds really great, PJ! Of course you're overdoing it, but who wouldn't? ;-) Congratulations!!! I'm very happy to see you in good spirits and full of vigour. Let it last! Take care, Brenda

James Law said...

Hi sweetheart - you should be glad you don't have to rake ALL of those leaves. Love, Jim