Thursday, November 12, 2009

Once a Week to Once a Month

My clinic visit was uneventful yesterday. My blood counts are good, although still slow on the reds. But I'm producing them, which is what counts. My doctor said there was no need to see me for a month. Whoopee!

Now I seriously have to find things to do with all my time. I went on a covert mission to a virtually empty Target the other day (masked and gloved) to buy some new drinking glasses. I don't plan to casually pop into stores as the flu and holiday shopping season cooks up.

Marty and I have started jog-walking, which is how I plan to get my strength back. Now that my brain functions well enough to follow more than short snippets of reading material, I relish the thought of curling up with a hot drink and a book as often as possible. I also hope to knit scarves for family members, which will require another masked outing, maybe tomorrow. Domestic bliss or what?

But the activity I should be working on is writing a book. I have plenty of material already written. Now I just have to find the discipline to pull something together that others may want to read. Is it possible to piece together the variety of writing I've done and have it cohere? Much is in essay format, but I have short stories, poems, letters, and blog posts I'd like to somehow weave together. I don't want to write a memoir per se, but I do want to include our Costa Rican sojourn and the leukemia war. The Complete Works of PJ?

A project like that would keep me busy enough while I'm laying low. In the meantime, I have to hope my internal battle against evil leukemic clones is proceeding according to plan. Being engaged in a project will take my mind off those nasty cells and keep me from getting cranky.


Ann said...

A certain amount of crankiness is essential to the creative process, so give yourself leave to be so. Great news about the visits. Enjoy the domesticity. :)

George Jempty said...

Patty you are a great writer. Go for it!!

Paula said...

I'll be the 1ST
in line
to buy that book!

It will be a division of a literary work filled with wit, strength, and honesty.

Start today, PJ!

Anonymous said...

PJ- Write the book! I am having such a hard time finding material to guide/motivate me through our struggle. I love your posts and would buy multiple copies of yor book!

Jim said...

Great writer, great topic. Get on it and promise me an advance copy!

We should suggest titles, if you decide to proceed.


Anonymous said...

Happy 100 :) MB

Ronni Gordon said...

Wow. Once a month. Terrific!

Sue G said...

I've been following you just since your transplant but have never commented before. Having just read your desire to write a book but unsure of a format, why not take a common thread...a life truism, per se...and weave it through everything you have written or want to write about. You mentioned in this post about fighting evil. Well, I think life is full of evil and full of astonishing joy...actually, I think it's all the same. It's just the labels that we put on our life stories that make us file them uniquely, sometimes missing the point. Why not take a universal truth that we often miss in the stories of our lives and show how that truth is woven in each of your accounts?

I think we are changing how we read, how we write, and how we think. ..probably in order to adapt to the rapidly changing world. People seem to reflect more, seem to need assistance with how they file their experiences. Perhaps your book could be one way to do that.