Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm So Vain

No amount of brushing, flossing or rinsing will get rid of the brown stains on my lower teeth. I desperately need a cleaning but I'll have to wait until I'm one year post-transplant. I've always been overly sensitive about my teeth. I have an overbite and I compare my uppers to horse teeth. Thanks to my high cheekbones and small but attractive eyes (vanity alert), when someone looks at me, their gaze is drawn upward, away from my toothy grin. I hope. Maybe I'll try baking soda.

On the positive side, I have hair. It's cancer hair (I'm borrowing this phrase from a a fellow survivor), which means it's strangely curly, especially in the back where I'll be sporting a mullet by Spring. The front is still straightish but doesn't come close to covering my high forehead. I refer to it as the Julius Caesar look. Weird hair is better than no hair in my book.

My biggest concern about my physical appearance is that I'm rather emaciated. I've always been thin but when I look at my body in the mirror, I wince. I think I'm eating enough, and I hardly ever throw up anymore, but I'm obviously not taking in enough calories for my energy level. Before I go the yucky hi-cal commerical drinks route, I'm checking what I eat to see if it really is adequate. I'm keeping a food log (I have a feeling I've done this before), and my competitive side is trying to make the list as long and caloric as possible. Yesterday afternoon, I made myself a hot fudge sundae--two scoops, hot fudge sauce, peanuts and lots of whipped cream. I also started using the exercise bike in the theory that if I burn calories, I be hungrier than if I sit in a chair all day.

Speaking of exercise, I'm signing off now so I can take Turbo for a walk in the snow. I'll dress warmly and be very careful. Maybe I'll get rosy cheeks which will only add to my beauty.


Ann said...

I have the same vanity about my teeth. Trust me, that first cleaning post transplant does wonders! I'm scheduled for another cleaning in March and I cannot wait. It's a sickness. As for your Caesarian mullet, you know what they say, "Business in the front, party in the back." You'll have a full head of hair before you know it. Keep eating!

Jim said...

... I bet you think this post is about you.

Great news about Marty!

Anne said...

I just came across your blog and was so very happy to find it. I am waiting for a BMT in two weeks and your blog/plog has prevented me from running over the doctors with th IV poles. I wouldn't have hurt them much, but it would certainly wake them up! I agree with you about the teeth and the hair. I find it irritating beyond measure that this stupid disease makes you feel like you have the hygiene of a wet skunk.

rebecca said...

According to a study conducted by my niece, a steady diet of whole milk can help you double your body weight in 4 months' time. :)