Wednesday, January 6, 2010


It was a long day at the clinic. I really needed a transfusion. I napped on and off for a couple of hours, which helped. Except for my sluggish rbc's, my other counts were good. My white count was 5.1 (normal) and my platelets (125) had more than doubled since last month. I have an appointment at the clinic in four weeks, and with luck, my red cell production might creep up a bit. It actually did improve slightly from last month, but not enough to to keep my heart from beating rapidly everytime I climbed the stairs.

My leukemia book is going well, although I didn't write much in the past few days because I had almost no energy, including the mental kind. Instead, I watched dopey movies with my sons and summoned the butler anytime I needed anything. One movie, Be Kind Rewind, did provide a few laughs.

Now that I'm no longer a zombie, I have to start tackling some financial issues that are starting to creep into my dreams. I should dream I won the Lottery. I have to fill out a passle of financial aid forms for Harry, but I lack most of the information I need. I started working on our 2009 medical expenses, but only managed to compile figures for Marty and the kids. Do you blame me for dragging my feet when it comes to adding up my personal expenses? The aid forms are all due February 15, long before we do our taxes. It's no wonder families pay big bucks to have a consultant fill out these forms.

I'm taking a hiatus from knitting. Everyone in the family has a scarf, and my attempt at hats wasn't too successful. Mark liked his. Harry thought the one I made him was too girlish (or ugly--he always tries to spare my feelings). Mariel said she liked hers but she went back to college yesterday and I see she left it in her room. Now I can spend my time reading and writing and trying to put some muscle on this scrawny body.


Anonymous said...

I always dream to win lottery. But no luck so far. Instead I won AML;-(
Thinking of you.

NJer from LLS

Ronni Gordon said...

I have to fill out the financial aid forms and like you I am missing some of the information. It is very frustrating.

I stopped knitting after everyone had a scarf and I made a really cool afghan with different kinds of wool. Then I tried sweaters and had a couple of successes but one really long one that made everyone laugh. That was the end.

Hope the refueling helped. Great results on the platelets and wbcs.The reds will follow along.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Well I acquiesce in but I think the brief should have more info then it has.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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