Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Book Notes

Yesterday I spent almost three hours writing my leukemia book. Part I is almost done and Part II is on its way. Considering my subject, the words flew without restraint from negative thoughts. I suppose I've already mentally processed a lot of this.

I know I have to layer in some medical info, which I'm capable of doing but having a difficult time deciding how much is enough/too much. When it comes to transplant science, how much do I explain about HLA matching? Speaking of transplant, I am almost to transplant #1 which means my blog enters the scene. A writer friend of mine says I should just turn the blog into a book. But this would not tell my whole story since I've been writing it for 2+ years and my tale begins in a year and a half earlier. Also, my blog is formulaic. I more or less write the posts in similar fashion. It makes it easy, breezy and light, and doesn't always represent the darkest moments. I feel I need to protect loved ones who might be reading it, including Marty and my kids.

The blog will be layered into the book, posing my greatest challenge. I won't be going for seamless as much as a different tone, some comic relief and a break for those readers who like short and succinct.

With all the time I have on my hands, I should be able to finish this up before the big move. I need an agent and an editor, but most of all I need the discipline to sit down Monday through Friday and crank out a few pages. This is what I've always said I've wanted to do. It's time to put my money where my mouth is.


EGlencross said...

Are you considering flipping back to Word in the Woods any time soon...or are you going to wait and make it Works in the Hoods!
WE are also thinking of selling up and moving urban.....We have been trying to scout out Center City Philly.... but can't find it under the snow! But you inspired me to throw out some stuff

Jeffrey Silverstein said...

I am drawn to your blog not only to find out what's up with you and Marty, but your style of writing is wonderful. I look forward to it each day. (I know, I need a life). Can't wait for the book, and then the movie. Who will play you?

PJ said...

Jamie Lee Curtis?

Paula said...

I am sending niggling vibes to you Monday through Friday.
This energy will inspire you to write during the week.
Yay, PJ!
You are doing this!