Thursday, February 25, 2010

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

This non-profit group has helped me handle many of the changes that have entered my life in the past four years. I'm mentioning the Rhode Island Chapter in my book because they have been very good to me and my family.

To me, they gave financial and emotional support. To my son Mark, they gave a chance to raise money for Team in Training while running the Rock 'n Roll Marathon in my honor. It was an experience he'll never forget. To my daughter Mariel, they gave an unpaid internship where she had the chance to show off some of her skills--creative, athletic, verbal and written.

I met with Allison Brouilette today whom I haven't seen in a while. She's a busy woman kept up late at night by a 15-month old and working at LLS in a higher position than she had before. We talked about my book, and how perhaps she could help me promote it once it's published. It's nothing but good press for LLS and it's my target audience for readership. I still need an agent, so my friend Dougie says. I'm working on it. The business of writing is outside my area of expertise. I'd rather spend my time writing than selling, which I know I'll have to do eventually.

If you'd like to raise money for the Society through Team in Training, find your chapter here and make a call. I promise you, you will be changed forever.

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