Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mark Keeps Pace, Mariel Gets Personal Best, Harry Holds Down the Fort

Proud Mom at Ivy Hepatagonals
We drove up to Hanover, NH yesterday to watch Mark run the mile. He was in the fastest heat so qualified for today's finals which we unfortunately are not going to see. We had planned on staying the night nearby at our friends' Patty and Jeff's lake house, but they had no power so we made a quick stop to see them at their regular house (also without power). With heat from the wood stove, we were quite cozy, and we ate the bread pudding with rum sauce I'd made for dessert at house #2. We drove home from there, having to take several detours around downed power lines, flooded roads and other disasters. We arrived home safely.

Mariel called a while later to say she had raced well in the 4 X 800 meter, a personal best and a school record in the women's relay. She's so excited that her name will go on the wall at the Swarthmore athletic facility. This is a nice way to finish her running career.

My youngest stayed home and relaxed all day, taking care of the dog and generally being a good boy. He's waiting to hear where he'll be going to college next year. He says he's not stressed and I believe him. Go Harry!

Mark Gets 4th and Earns 4 Points for the Lions


Ann said...

You look absolutely fabulous! Congrats to Mark and Mariel.

Paula said...

Holy Smokes, PJ!

Mark has your eyes, mouth, and smile.

Both of you are beautiful!

Muriel has her name on a wall, and Harry is smart enough to hold down the fort.

Yep, life is good.

Ronni Gordon said...

Love the photos! You look terrific, and yes, I see the relationship between you and Mark. Love those proud Mom moments. Congrats to everyone.

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