Monday, July 26, 2010

No Miracles; A Great Time

A year ago we took a pilgrimage to Beaver Lake in Derry, New Hampshire to visit our friends the Crothers. A number of miracles occurred that weekend. This past weekend, we went up there again. No miracles this time, but then we didn't need any. A year ago I could barely walk. My sense of taste was shot and I was facing another transplant, my life hanging in the balance. This time, I ran around the lake, ate like we might run out of food, and drank like a pirate. It didn't hurt that the Crothers have the same Saeco coffee machine we have. If you've been paying attention, they were the ones who inspired us to purchase our new machine. I drink iced coffee as I write this.

Some of the other highlights of the visit included Marty catching a dinner-worthy fish, daughter Michelle driving up after work, and planning that Patty and Jeff would join us in New York for the Marathon Brunch in November. We will have a blast. We will also have great coffee. But you knew that.

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Ronni Gordon said...

Sounds great! Especially glad that you had good coffee.