Saturday, August 7, 2010

No Gifts, Please

I was listening to NPR yesterday where they were talking about the anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing. That's when I realized that it will be a year ago tomorrow that I had my second transplant. How could this have almost slipped my mind?

Well, I have been busy. I've been traveling and planning the rest of the month which will be filled with goodbyes, hellos and new experiences. I've been feeling bullet-proof, always nice. These are excuses, though, because if I allow myself to go back one year, the memories haunt me.

The transplant was supposed to be the 7th but there was a flight delay (isn't there always?). Marty was with me, and we'd been watching the Yankees pummel the Red Sox. At least we had a little distraction. Finally the cells arrived and after being pre-medicated, they dripped into my port and traveled through my blood. I didn't feel a thing, and I promptly went to sleep.

I have no specific plans to celebrate. Marty is home and a friend is visiting so we'll make a nice dinner and toast my donor. Thanks, mister, whoever and wherever you are.


Anonymous said...

The yankee's were doing what that night??? Happy New Tomorrow. You have done very well, Keep up the good work.

Ann said...

This might sound strange, but my transplant dates often slip my mind. The amnesia is always worst when life is at its most normal and the cats have vet appointments and I've got a dozen assignments to hand in and some major appliance is on the verge of complete failure. I'm at my most blissful when I'm grousing about the mundane. I'm absolutely chuffed that you had a nice time in Europe and will be celebrating tomorrow with those that you love. Happy birthday to the third power.

Paula said...

Bullet-proof is a great wardrobe for you, PJ.

You wear it well!

Ronni Gordon said...

Happy re-birthday!