Friday, August 20, 2010

What I Learned Today

1. Waking at 4:15 am has its plusses.
2. Yoga is the answer.
3. Massage is a right.
4. College shopping with a 17-year old for 3 hours burns calories.
5. Boys takes just as long to buy jeans as girls.
6. Popcorn cracks your teeth.
7. Cancelling your dental insurance is a bad idea.
8. When your buttons get pushed, turn yourself off.
9. Giving away furniture is a gift to yourself.
10. You can never go to bed too early.


Jim said...

Good list, but a little disappointed not see a coffee reference!

Ronni Gordon said...

Love it!
I can especially identify with the college shopping.
I wish yoga and massage didn't cost money. Both are on hold for now.
I am trying to go to bed earlier. I'm working backwards from 1-2 a.m.!