Sunday, October 31, 2010

Class, a Review

It's a good thing I wrote this blog. I found myself taking a trip down Memory Lane, and realizing how much I've forgotten. For instance, I thought I'd been on steroids for a year. Trolling through the Plog indicates I started them in February of this year. It's (the Plog) scattered with unremembered details that made me smile, mist up and realize what a service writing this ejournal has been to me.

Funny, I was going to announce that the blog would be closed for renovation until further notice. I've grown tired of detailing drug woes, doctor appointments and eating issues. But then, that's the point, no?

No doctor appointments this week. No new meds. Jeffersonville, where I plan to spend mid-week, has no scale. I'll be free to do fun things like unpack and search for lost items. My cell phone doesn't work there and there's no internet. It'll be just me, Turbo and fresh (cold) air. I'll post when I get back.

Class dismissed.


Ann said...

Have a lovely time. Relax and putter around.

Jim said...

We'll have an apple waiting for you when you get back, teacher.