Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Jackpot

When I logged into my checking account today, I couldn't figure out why I had more money than I thought. I scrolled down to see Social Security Disability. My application had been approved! My friend Jeff had suggested I might qualify, and that I should apply before December 31, 2010 so I'd be eligible for all of 2010. I guess my case was slam-dunk because it was approved within two months after I'd completed my application. My doctors promptly reported back to Social Security, like I'd suppose they would.

When I think of all the rough times we've had over the past five years, it seems like the tide is finally turning in our favor. Marty was out of work for 9 months. He just left a job for a better one. My medical bills have been high, and I've only been able to work for 21 months since my diagnosis. We maxed out our credit cards and borrowed money from family and friends. We couldn't sell our house in Rhode Island, which costs us over $3000 monthly to pay for the mortgage, utilities and insurance. Naturally, none of the money woes compare to the fight against leukemia.

I'm going to use my disability payments to pay down debt. Maybe Marty and I will go out to a really nice restaurant to celebrate. We have so much to celebrate.


Sue S. said...

This makes me cry as I read this. No one deserves this more than you. Congratulations!!! You and Marty definitely have some celebrating to do this weekend.

Brigitte said...

YEAH!!!! You guys DO deserve it. Every little bit helps lighten the load.

Ann said...

I'm so grateful you were approved!