Thursday, March 24, 2011

You Rock, Liz!

It may be presumptuous to compare myself to the late Elizabeth Taylor, but I will anyway. She crammed a lot into her 79 years. We can all learn from her joie de vivre.

Taylor had her share of bad karma, like we all do. You can argue that hers was on a grander scale, and her charity work is something we can all aspire to. You have to admire this woman. I do.

I've been stuffing as much as I can into my less-glamorous life over the last five years. I've sent my three chrildren off to college. My husband and I weathered his 9-month long unempl0yment. We purchased a farmhouse in Sullivan County. We moved to an apartment in Manhattan and are looking to find a 2-bedroom for May 1. We finally have an offer on our Rhode Island house. I don't plan to go out and buy a sparkling rock for my finger; I look forward to wearing my wedding ring when my fat finger slims up.

Notice I haven't used the word leukemia. I saw a new ophthalmologist today who put me on a new regimen of drops. He also plugged my tear ducts with extra-large plugs. It's the the only part of me (beside my ego) that's not petite.

Five years ago today, I was diagnosed with leukemia. I may be badly bruised, but I'm not beaten.


Ronni Gordon said...

Nice post. I am finding myself obsessed with Elizabeth Taylor.

Patricia said...

Patty, so glad you have fought so hard over the past five years to still be around to eat, drink and enjoy life with all of us. Congrats on the house!

Ann said...

Great post. Great news about the RI house!