Monday, September 12, 2011

Good, Bad, Ugly

Good: Despite continuing tightness in my ligaments and tendons, I continue to train for the marathon and I'm sure if I start the damn thing, I'll finish it. There's lots of other good stuff in my life, for which I'm thankful for the chance to experience.

Bad: My nurse called me last week and said that when I came in for my treatment the next day, I'd need a transfusion. Once I started breathing again, I asked why. I haven't needed blood in 18 months or so. She said my hematocrit had been trending downward, and this would give me a boost. You know what I was thinking, right? She assured me it was nothing to worry about and that they see this all the time in patients with graft vs. host disease. Plus, prednisone could also be a culprit. I took a deep breath and decided to trust her.

Ugly: My wrists and ankles, which have scaly red splotches that flake off wherever I sit for a moment no matter how much cream I apply. Why can't my liver look like hell and my skin be asymptomatic?


Ronni Gordon said...


The good sounds great, but I would have had the same reaction about trending down hematocrit. But repeat the magic words: "We see this all the time" and "Don't worry."

Now, breathe.

Incredible effort and accomplishment re: the running. I am still at three miles!

Ann said...

I was warned about blood counts dropping and GvHD when I started steroids. The foreknowledge wouldn't have kept me from being startled if I'd needed blood, though. I'm with Ronni on this one: breathe.

I have the horribly flaking skin on my wrists, too. My doctor suggested I change the brand of soap I use to wash my hands. I did, and it helped with a lot of the flakiness. I went to something without fragrance, etc.

The marathon training is probably helping with your tight ligaments. I know you'll set the bar for the rest of us when you finish this marathon. :)