Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Great News on the Eye Front

The Boston Foundation for Sight called last Friday and left a message: we'd like to schedule you for a fitting. The woman I have to speak with was out sick yesterday, but I hope to speak to her today. All I can say is hallelujah.

Friends, family, doctors, and readers of this blog know that severe dry eyes have been my Achilles heel for some time now. Of all my symptoms, my eyes have prevented me from doing so many things. They also make me clumsy. And did I ever mention that they hurt?

I'll know more later but I'll be staying in Boston for about 2 weeks. I'm hoping to find an inexpensive room near the hospital, and I'm hoping that my Boston area friends might come visit me in the evening. Special shout out to New Hampshire and Rhode Island buddies.

On the doctor saga, my NY doctor never received a report from the Boston one. I think it's an administrative issue, so I named names. I don't usually like to do that, but my health is at stake. Anyway, we left it that she would contact him and they'd make a plan. But it won't be implemented until after I return from Peru in January. We're going to visit Mariel at the end of December.

My blood counts were impressive (normal) except for the reds, which remain on the low side (HG:10). I feel pretty good, though, and everyone says I look good. Today I get the stitches taken out of my cheek and hopefully get the green light for exercising again. I'll update soon.

UPDATE: The stitches came out and I'm healing "beautifully," as the doctor put it. I have an appointment in Boston for my lenses on Monday, December 5th.

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Ann said...

Yay for healing beautifully!