Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dr. Girault is a Gem!

I had to wait a long time to see Dr. Girault but it was well worth it. He has lots of ideas for treating me. He apologized for not dressing up to see me but he'd just done a bone marrow extraction. I was sitting there in a gown and quipped, that's okay, this isn't my best look. He has a sense of humor.

Memorial Sloan Cancer Center takes a holistic approach to patient care. I'll be seeing a survivor counselor, a dentist, a dermatologist and have a pulmonary function test. I'll stay with my current internist for basic care. I'll meet with the Nurse Practitioner in two weeks. In six, I'll meet with Dr. Girault again to set goals and make a treatment plan.

Everyone I met on the staff is really nice and seems to know what they're doing.

I'm so relieved about this move. I feel so positive. I can't wait to call my former doctor and tell her I won't be back.


Ronni Gordon said...


I was waiting to see the post. So glad it worked out.

The wholistic approach sounds like Dana-Farber's.

Keep the updates coming.

Sue said...


Luann said...

I've been watching and reading your posts for years. My husband Jeff had his unrelated transplant at MSK in 2007. Perhaps we'll be crossing paths one of these days

Ann said...

Dr. Girault, formerly of MDA? I love him!!! You couldn't be in better hands.