Monday, March 19, 2012

Hey, I'm Getting Better

My new Nurse Practitioner Christine called me Friday afternoon with the results of my blood work. I had a fasting cholesterol count and I'm way down, from 250 to 167. My good cholesterol is a whopping 141. I'll stay on the Zetia but I've really made progress and I don't think it's from the drug alone, which I've only been on for 3 weeks.

Another sign that I'm healing is that my thyroid level was very high. I've been on 137 mcg of synthroid for 2.5 years. I thought my thyroid was shot but it's not. My TSH level was very low, meaning I've been taking too high a dose. I'll get new rx today.

Liver numbers are still funky. One (or 2) things at a time.


Ronni Gordon said...

Good news! One step (or two) at a time.

Ann said...

In our special little community, 2 out of 3 makes you a rockstar! Congrats on the improved cholesterol and thyroid.